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Gutter Brackets
The strength of your gutters is the most important aspect of your outdoor drainage system. Without properly installed and strong gutters, it does not matter which material is used as they will be rendered completely ineffective if they are unable to withstand the weight of heavy snowfalls, fallen branches or fallen leaves. Copper Works Canada supplies durable copper gutter brackets for homes in Toronto and the GTA. Not only will our professional staff inspect your current gutter system, we can help you easily upgrade to the most effective outdoor drainage system available.
Benefits of Outdoor Plumbing
By ensuring your outdoor plumbing components are running at top-efficiency, you are protecting your property and overall home investment. Inefficient guttering systems can allow water to run down the sides of a home, letting it seep into the existing cracks of a foundation. When the temperature drops, the water in these cracks will freeze, making them even larger. Big foundation cracks can be dangerous as well as very expensive to repair. Water that drips down the sides of a house can also enter a home, cracking the windows and creating mould. A home with mould is very difficult to repair. Ineffective gutters can also cause basement floods and property flooding.
This can all be avoided with properly installed eavestroughs, conductor heads and downspouts. Gutters should be properly secured with durable brackets. This will avoid expensive maintenance repairs down the line.
Benefits of Copper
Copper is the most logical material to select for an outdoor drainage system. It contains natural elements of algaecide and fungicide that will decompose and break down major blocking culprits such as leaves and moss. It has a life span of up to 100 years while materials such as aluminum last only 20. Therefore, your maintenance and replacement costs will be kept very low. Copper does not rust or corrode, making it the best choice for Canadian homes. It can withstand all the elements of our climate with ease and will stay strong and resistant for years to come.
Beyond the practicalities of selecting copper, it is also the most attractive material available. An outdoor drainage system made of copper will actually enhance your home’s curbside appeal as it gives off a dignified and elegant look. It begins with a shiny bronze color that matures into a blue-green patina. An outdoor plumbing system made of copper is actually a selling point and could potentially add value to your home.
The experts at Copper Works Canada can supply customized gutters complete with enforcing brackets to ensure longevity and long-lasting durability. We have been supplying homeowners with effective drainage systems for years and will happily come and assess your current system in order to provide our expert advice about possible upgrades. Call Copper Works Canada at 905-831-6434 to find out how we can improve your home’s exterior.

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